Agricultural and Farming Systems

Shur-Co® and Dawbarn have deep roots in the agricultural industry so whether farmer, grower, equipment manufacturer or agricultural trailer builder we have a sheeting system that will suit your needs.


Front to rear covering systems such as our Shur-Co® Agri-Flip are ideal for sileage trailers or agricultural dumpers with both hydraulic and 12v electric power options.

We offer both underbody and side mounted springs units which power the arms of the system to the rear position, a motors rotates the tarp roller to extend/ retract the tarp covering even heaped loads in seconds.


Side to side rollover systems like the Dawbarn Hydroclear, Wraptor or the Shur-Co® Shur-Lok® systems are ideal for keeping the water off rootcrops, cereals or seed drills. Ideal for bulk transfer rigids or trailers, grain, beet or potato trailers.

Dawbarn keep a whole variety of different colours of PVC material in stock and keep your measurements on file so ordering replacement tarps is simple.

Clarksons Farm

A Newton Trailers Limited with a Dawbarn & Sons Ltd Hydroclear Sheeting System being loaded by Kaleb on Clarksons Farm S2E1!

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