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The ORIGINAL Mighty Mesh®

exclusively from Shurco UK Ltd

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Mighty Mesh® outlasts standard mesh 3 to 1!

Extra vinyl reinforcements are not needed

Holds up to heavy useage and abrasive loads

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Mighty Mesh® Tarpaulin Sheet for Trucks, Trailers, Hooks and Skips

The Original Mighty Mesh® from Shurco UK Ltd

The Mighty Mesh® textile is suitable for all types of waste application. It is a durable, affordable and backed by over 10 years of research and development. Our Mighty Mesh® tarps are individually made using only the highest quality materials. To further enhance tarp retraction onto the roller bar, our our sheets are trimmed with polypropylene nylon webbing.  

Mighty Mesh® is Manufactured in the UK

Our Mighty Mesh® is the strongest sheeting material available. Designed with threads per inch of 20 x 20 or greater and 1000 denier you can see why it is so strong. Mighty Mesh boasts a tear strength (lbs) of 150 x 150, and therefore requires no additional vinyl reinforcement. Weighing only 21.3oz per square yard Mighty Mesh has the obvious advantage of outlasting any other mesh tarp. Switch today and significantly reduce your sheet replacement costs, and vehicle downtime!


Installing the Mighty Mesh® Sheeting System

Mighty Mesh sheets are installed in the same way as conventional tarps and when used in conjunction with the original Shur-Co roller bar can be replaced in under 10 minutes

With the added benefit of UK manufacturing we can make Mighty Mesh sheets to fit all systems and applications. It’s simple, just provide the dimensions or system details and delivery will be made in 24 hours!

Mighty Mesh Tarp Swap Tutorial

Mighty Mesh® can be used for all waste applications

In the UK Mighty Mesh® is seen most commonly on hooks and skips and is particularly popular with scrap metal contractors due to its exceptional tear resistance. Just imagine if Mighty Mesh® can reduce tarp costs so significantly on “sharp” loads how much you could save on general waste and aggregate loads!!

Remember Mighty Mesh is suitable for all waste and aggregate applications and is compatible with most sheeting systems.

For further information please contact our UK call centre on 01634 862363.

Mighty Mesh Features

  • Outlasts standard PVC mesh 3 to 1!
  • So strong that vinyl reinforcements are not necessary!
  • Holds up to heavy useage and the most abrasive loads!
  • Available with or without expandable side flaps!
  • Significantly RIPS your tarp costs!
  • Minimum of 20, 1000 denier threads per inch!

Mighty Mesh Tarps Downloads

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