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Shur-Trak II™ Sheeting System

The Shur-Trak II is an electrically powered sheeting system operating from front to rear which is suitable for both rigid vehicle and trailer applications.

The Shur-Trak II cable system provides both load containment and weather protection offering a near water proof seal. The Shur-Trak is an extremely versatile system that is suitable for a range of applications such as aggregate, grain / feed, and waste and offers the best value for money in the market.


The Shur-Trak has cable driven bows that move the tarp out of the way for wide-open loading. When opened the bows compact the tarp up at the head board in a concertinaed fashion. When deployed the tarp extends to cover the whole body right up to the tail gate / rear doors.

The tarp over rail design provides coverage several inches over the side rail and results in greater water protection and load seal. Operation is via a “hold to run” push button remote control and /or via the chassis mounted control box. It’s a simple two button operation 1) Open  2) Close.

Shur-Trak II’s Key Features

  • Health & Safety Compliant.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Unrivalled 12 moths warranty protection.
  • UK Product support
  • Next day availability on replacement parts.
  • Competitively priced replacement parts.
  • Significantly lighter than Hydraulic options.
  • Easy installation, can be retro fitted with ease.
  • Remote Control and Smart technology as standard.
  • Shur-Co exclusive Twist-Lok Bow Shanks.
  • Rolling wheel wind guards or continuous anchor options available.
  • Wide range of Bow height options available.
  • Tarps manufactured in a range of colours.

Shur-Trak II Video Presentation

Shur-Trak II Sheeting System Specification

The Shur-Trak Premium Cable System comes as standard with remote control Smart technology and is manufactured to the highest standards.

This system incorporates:

  1. The Shur-Co exclusive Twist-Lok bow shanks which are constructed of low-friction, high-strength polymer. Designed to twist off without removing the cable, this makes for easy and hassle free replacement of bows or shanks.
  2. Multiple mounting options meaning the Shur-Trak II can be customised to fit to almost any vehicle / trailer design.
  3. A universal landing with front cover available in either the flat or raised style. The bolt-together design allows trailer flex and offers easy installation. It squares radius corners and can be mounted out up to 18 inches on square corners for additional loading space.
  4. Multiple bow height options available, so heaped loads are not a problem.
  5. Improved cable tensioner that’s equipped with a thrust washer, meaning adjustments to cable tension couldn’t be easier. A sight gauge shows if more tension is needed, and with a few twists of your wrist the correction is made.
  6. A rear bow stabilizer prevents the rear bow from rocking, reducing stress on the tarp, cable and bow shanks and lessening tarp wear at the point of attachment. In addition, it keeps the tarp from sagging and wearing between the last two bows.
  7. Manual override crank handle supplied as standard.

Shur Trak II Downloads

Shur-Trak II Trailer Sheeting System