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Tarps and Truck Sheets

Tarpaulin Sheet for Trucks, Truck Trailers, Hooks and Skip Lorries

Shurco UK Ltd are the original manufacturer of Mighty Mesh® tarps and the only UK distributor. Do not be fooled by poor third party imitations. Find out how you could save money by switching today.

Shurco’s truck tarp sheets are installed in the same way as conventional tarps and when used in conjunction with the original Shur-Co roller bar can be replaced in under 10 minutes.

With the added benefit of UK manufacturing we can make tarps inncluding Mighty Mesh sheets to fit all truck systems and applications. It’s simple, just provide the dimensions or system details and delivery will be made in 24 hours!

Hand Nets and Tarps

With over 93 years of combined manufacturing knowledge & experience, Shur-Co are the world’s largest sheeting systems provider. You know you can expect the most durable and versatile hand nets on the market.

Hand Nets and Tarps

Might Mesh Tarps

The Mighty Mesh® textile is suitable for all types of waste application. It is a durable, affordable and backed by over 10 years of research and development. Our Mighty Mesh® tarps are individually made using only the highest quality materials. To further enhance tarp retraction onto the roller bar, our our sheets are trimmed with polypropylene nylon webbing.

Mighty Mesh from Shur-Co

Tipper Sheets and Tarps

Shur-Co offer a wide range of replacement tipper sheets suitable for all body types and commercially available easy sheet systems. We stock and manufacture replacement sheets for virtually all types of sheeting system, including front to back flip sheets, side to side vinyl sheets and cable systems as well as vinyl sheets.

Tipper Tarps and Sheets
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