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Sidewinder Trailer Sheeting System

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Sidewinder Trailer Overview

The original Sidewinder trailer sheeting system and still the best single sided system on the market. The Sidewinder is an automatic, electric/hydraulic sheeting system for walking floor and push-out trailers .Its field-tested design is based upon over 8 years of customer feedback and thousands are in use today!

The Sidewinder has been designed to ensure that whether you’re being loaded from a hopper or by a machine the trailer is totally unobstructed for loading. By folding to the side, the Sidewinder is neatly tucked away and the trailer can be easily loaded without the risk of damage to the system. This tidy tuck away design also allows for access to the tightest of loading areas, and complies with all current legislation.

No more dangerous tight-rope walks down the trailer top rail. From the safety of the ground, the operator covers or uncovers the trailer with the flip of a switch in under 20 seconds!

The Shur-Co Sidewinder can be installed to operate direct from the trailer hydraulics (donkey engine) or from an independent power pack. The Shur-Co independent power pack is without doubt the market leader, designed to withstand the rigours of the industry, and such is our confidence in this product it comes with an unrivalled guarantee as standard.

The Sidewinder is able to cover heaped loads with ease, and being virtually maintenance free a return on investment can be realised in as little as six weeks!

Installing the Sidewinder Trailer Sheeting System

Installation is so simple that sheeting system can be purchased on a supply only basis, although for those with limited facilities our network of agents throughout the UK and Europe will be pleased to assist. For an installation cost please contact our UK call centre on 01634 862363.

Both of these Unique components and a vast majority of our kits are compatible with most competitor products, making them an easy upgrades regardless of your current equipment .

For full installation instructions please download the Sidewinder Trailer Sheeting System instruction manual.

Sidewinder Trailer features

  • Entire lid rotates 270 degrees to rest flush alongside trailer allowing trailer to still drive in and out of tight loading areas.
  • Available in right or left side hinge to allow for loading on side opposite hinges and frame. This helps avoid loading-related damage to the system.
  • For haulers typically carrying 5-6 loads per day, time and cost savings realized from use of Sidewinder pays for the system in a very, very short time.
  • Tremendous safety enhancement!
  • Great way to improve driver morale and retention.
  • The Sidewinder Actuator hydraulic arm mechanism comes fully assembled.

  • Kit comes with the Shur-Co exclusive Waste Netting.

Sidewinder Trailer Upgrades

Please contact Shurco UK Ltd for a complete list of available upgrades to your Sidewinder Trailer system.

Sidewinder Trailer Parts and Accessories

Shurco UK Ltd provide a complete set of aftermarket parts and accessories for the Sidewinder Trailer sheeting system. We can also help with fitting and installation, if required.

Sidewinder Trailer Downloads

Sidewinder Trailer Downloads