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Shur-Cover Truck Sheeting System

Shur-Cover Truck Sheeting System Overview

The Shur-Cover is an electrically powered sheeting system operating from Side to Side which is suitable for both rigid vehicle and trailer applications. The Shur-Cover electric sheeting system provides both load containment and weather protection offering a water proof seal and excellent heat retention.

The Shur-Cover is an extremely versatile system that is suitable for a range of applications such as aggregate, asphalt, grain, feed, waste, and offers the best value for money in the market. Typically configured to rotate from left to right when covering the load, but also available in reserve roll if required the Shur-Cover sheeting system is capable of securely covering heaped loads in less than 10 seconds.

Shur-Cover Truck Sheeting System Demonstration Video

Shur-Cover Key Features

The Shur-Cover truck sheeting system is a very versatile solution for aggregate, asphalt, grain, feed and waste applications.

  • Health & Safety Compliant.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Unrivalled 12 moths warranty protection.
  • UK Product support
  • Next day availability on replacement parts.
  • Competitively priced replacement parts.
  • Significantly lighter than Hydraulic options.
  • Easy installation, can be retro fitted with ease.
  • Remote Control and Smart technology as standard.
  • Tarps manufactured in a range of colours.

Shur-Cover Operation

The Shur-Cover design is tried and tested, with webbing straps pulling the sheet from side to side. These straps are driven by two electric “smart” motors set to a “push and pull” configuration. Unique to the Shur-Cover is the ability to set the strap lengths to accommodate the sheet opening over the side rail of the trailer, this unique feature results in a 100% unobstructed load opening. In many installations this feature also eliminates the need for tarp stops on the side of the vehicle.

Operation is via a “hold to run” push button remote control and /or via the chassis mounted control box.

It’s a simple two button operation:

  1. Open
  2. Close

Shur-Cover System Specification

The Shur-Cover electric side to side system comes as standard with remote control Smart technology and is manufactured to the highest standards:

  1. With its compact design the Shur-Cover does not overhang the front hood meaning there is no need to recess the installation for front mounted lifting cylinders.
  2. With a height adjustable front arm the Shur-Cover fits almost any vehicle and rise height.
  3. With no Hydraulics required the Shur-Cover is a much cleaner alternative to hydraulic options, say good bye to hydraulic fluid leaking on your vehicle.
  4. By eliminating the need for hydraulic pumps, reservoirs and hoses the Shur-Cover is a considerably lighter and more reliable system than the typical hydraulic alternatives.
  5. Fast sheet changes, with the option of polymer or steel quick release tarp stops.
  6. Manual over ride crank handle supplied as standard.
  7. Sealed plugs on cables for quick installation and maintenance.