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Simple yet effective.

No climbing across the load

Our most economical sheeting system!

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Turbo Tarp – is a manual sheeting system for tippers and trailers. Simple yet effective. Allows operator to cover tipper body without climbing across the load. Our most economical sheeting system.

Installing the TurboTarp Sheeting System

Installation of our TurboTarp Semi Automatic sheeting system is so simple that it can be purchased on a supply only basis, although for those with limited facilities our network of agents throughout the UK and Europe will be pleased to assist. For an installation cost please contact our UK call centre on 01795 473499.

The TurboTarp sheeting system has some exclusive design enhancements to make installation both quick and simple.

For full installation instructions please download the TurboTarp Sheeting System instruction manual.

To cover:

  • Pull the sheet over the load using the supplied 50’ rope. Tie off the rope at the tailgate (J-hooks supplied). Turn crank handle to lock tarp roller in place.

To uncover:

  • Turn crank handle to unlock roller. Untie rope at tailgate. Use crank handle to retract tarp. Tie off rope on side of body (J-hooks supplied). Turn handle to lock tarp roller in place.

Optional TurboTarp Upgrades

  • Upgrade your tarp to MightyMesh®

TurboTarp Parts

Shurco UK Ltd provide a complete set of aftermarket parts and accessories for the TurboTarp sheeting system. We can also help with installation, if required.

TurboTarp Parts

TurboTarp Downloads

TurboTarp Downloads