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Euro Cover from Shur-Co

Euro Cover Sheeting System

Euro Cover Sheeting System

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Euro Cover Fully Automatic Skip Sheeting Overview

The Euro Cover is a fully-automatic electric sheeting system for covering skip bins. With the Shur-Co patented front flap design the Euro Cover can seal both ends of the skip bin securely with no need for adjustment. The Euro Cover is engineered to fit all makes of skip vehicle and despite being a fixed arm system will cover all standard sizes of skip bin.

With the patented travelling motor design heaped loads are also no problem for the Euro Cover. Our Euro Cover kit is designed for simple installation regardless of the skip chassis and ensure virtually zero “blow out” from the bin. Another unique design feature of this system is that there is no need for a spill board housing. By making the housing an option we are able to significantly reduce the installation time and cost of this system.

Say goodbye to bouncing front arms and “blow out” in transit.

The Euro Cover complies with “All Vehicle Type Approval” regulations and offers the best performance and value for money in the market. At a fraction of the cost of more complicated hydraulic “in/out” systems the Euro-Cover is virtually maintenance free. A return on investment can be achieved in many cases in as little as 8 weeks.

Why pay more for hydraulic solutions when the same results can be achieved by our simple, effective and low cost electric skip sheeting system?

The Euro Cover sheeting system has evolved from the UK’s premier tipper system from Shur-Co. These sheeting systems share many components, ensuring you cost effective reliability and next day availability on kits and replacement parts. The Euro Cover has been developed to keep costs, maintenance and installation time to a minimum, whilst not compromising on quality.

Installing the Euro Cover Fully Automatic Skip Sheeting System

Installation is so simple that the Euro Cover sheeting system can be purchased on a supply only basis, although for those with limited facilities our network of agents throughout the UK and Europe will be pleased to assist. For an installation cost please contact our UK call centre on 01634 862363. For full installation instructions please download the Euro Cover Sheeting System instruction manual.

Minimise your fleet costs

The Shurco Euro Cover sheeting system can be transferred to another skip lorry if required. This can reduce your company’s operating costs and increase profits.

Euro Cover Features

  • Health & Safety / Type Approval compliant
  • Install in as little as 8 labour hours
  • Heaped load capabilities
  • Unrivalled warranty policy
  • UK based Sales & Support from the World’s Largest sheeting system manufacturer
  • Light weight system

Euro Cover Downloads

Euro Cover Sheeting System Downloads