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HyTower SL Semi Automatic Sheeting System

HyTower SL Semi Automatic Sheeting System

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Hy-Tower SL is a semi-automatic sheeting system for covering roll-off containers, trailers and skip vehicles. As simple and cost-effective as sheeting systems get. Covers containers in 3 quick and easy steps. The Hy-Tower is operated by a hydraulic electric pack, is robust and virtually maintenance free. This sheeting system can be offset for the Scandinavian market and complies with the new all-type vehicle approval regulations, operating within the new 2.55 metre width limit.

Installing the HyTower SL Sheeting System

Installation of our HyTower SL Semi Automatic sheeting system is so simple that it can be purchased on a supply only basis, although for those with limited facilities our network of agents throughout the UK and Europe will be pleased to assist. For an installation cost please contact our UK call centre on 01634 862363.

The Hy-Tower SL sheeting system has some exclusive design enhancements to make installation both quick and simple.

For full installation instructions please download the Hy-Tower SL Sheeting System instruction manual.

Futureproof your fleet

The Shurco Hy-Tower sheeting system can be transferred to another vehicle if required. This can reduce your company’s operating costs and increase profits.

As easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Flip switch to raise tower up to 15 feet (4.6m)
  2. Pull sheet over load and secure rope to back of container
  3. Flip switch to lower tower. That’s it!!!!!

Hy Tower Features

  • Ratchet spring tensioner
  • Single mast – improves driver visibility
  • Covers all size bins

Each Hy-Tower SL kit includes a 100” 28’ knitted polypropylene tarp and self-contained power unit (24v)

HyTower Upgrades

  • Upgrade your tarp (optional) to enable side flaps if required
  • Bespoke tarps are available on request
  • Optional electric remote control

HyTower Parts and Accessories

Shurco UK Ltd provide a complete set of aftermarket parts and accessories for the Hy Tower sheeting system. We can also help with installation, if required.

Hy-Tower SL 24V Base Assembly                  (Part # 3170-24V)

Hy-Tower Housing Assm (offset)                   (Part 4197)

Hy-Tower Roller Bar                                            (Part # 3268)

Hy-Tower Hydraulic Cylinder                         (Part # 3176)

Pump Assy 24Volt                                                  (Part # 2779)

Hy-Tower replacement Std Tarp                   (Part #2978)

HyTower Downloads

The following Hy-Tower Sheeting System downloads are available. If you are after something specific, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

HyTower SL Sheeting System Downloads